The 30 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2018 – The Ultimate Guide

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Interested in the latest and easily most popular way to invest in your future? Curious as to where to buy Bitcoins and how to go about doing so? This is the ultimate coin exchange guide and will provide information on the 30 best cryptocurrency exchanges in 2017.

By the end of this guide, you will have knowledge on 30 of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms. We are confident that you will be able to make a decision as to the best ways to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency as well as which website to buy from.

The Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges – Our Favourites



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Wire, Credit/Debit, AstroPay

The Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges – Reviews

1. Coinbase Review

Coinbase makes buying Bitcoin an easy and headache free process as it offers availability in several currency zones. Created in 2012 and represented in over 30 countries with the largest population of customers coming from the USA, UK, and Brazil, you can rest assured that your funds are secure and that you are purchasing from a trustworthy platform. Coinbase is easily one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges we reviwed.


  • Your deposits are insured however if your account was to get hacked with your password, you would not get your money back. It is critical to have a long and unique password that is impossible to guess.
  • Offers two digital wallet options.
  • Cryptocurrency trading with others is easy.


  • Security measures are so stringent that you may experience the freezing of your account from time to time so you may have to wait to use your account.
  • If you are planning to use your Bitcoin purchases towards gambling or other questionable items, you should avoid this service as all withdrawals are carefully tracked.

2. CEX.IO Review

CEX.IO is trusted by over 700,000 users from all over the world who have an interest in the popular Bitcoin trade. Using CEX.IO is simple as all you have to do is deposit money from your debit or credit card or transfer money from your checking account to your CEX.IO account and you will be well on your way to trading cryptocurrency in no time. CEX.IO is definetly in the top 5 best cryptocurrency exchanges right now


  • Known as one of the best Bitcoin trading platforms available, you will be able to instantly begin trading from the web, mobile app, or Websocket.
  • Offers worldwide coverage as well as service in at least 24 states within the USA.
  • Buy btc with great payment options such as Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, and cryptocurrency.


  • Due to cloud mining operations closing in January 2015, this website is now only operating as a marketplace for Bitcoin exchange.
  • While you can instantly begin to trade, this platform works on “FOK” otherwise known as “fill” or “kill” orders. This means that what you agreed to pay is what you will pay. There is no way to change your mind.
  • This may not be the place to obtain the best crptocurrency exchange rates as you will likely get a better rate if you use a site that allows others to sell to you.

3. Coinmama Review

Many virtual currency consumers state that Coinmama is the easiest Bitcoin marketplace to open a new account and get started with the craze that is quickly becoming coin exchange. Coinmama gained popularity when they first started out in 2012 because they were one of the only Bitcoin trading sites that allowed users to deposit funds with a Western Union transfer.


  • Offers great quality service that has been trusted since 2012.
  • Coinmama is one of the most well known and trusted places to buy Bitcoin online.
  • Easy to make a deposit and open an account with your credit card.


  • Because of the ease of use in accepting credit cards, Coinmama is known to have one of the higher user fees of up to 6.5% depending on your payment method.
  • If you have other payment method options, it is best to go to another site that will charge less Bitcoin fees.

4. Review

If you are looking for a solid btc trading platform that allows you to connect with others in your local area for cryptocurrency exchange, is a great place to start! While this service is not available worldwide, it was founded in 2012 and has been servicing over 248 countries.


  • This Bitcoin trade platform offers an escrow service that ensures fairness to users buying and selling bitcoin.
  • To sign up, all that is required is a valid email address. This website does not ask for personal information, however, other users can request identification before agreeing to trade Bitcoins.
  • Fees are simple as each transaction costs 1% and is paid by the seller. Typically the seller will include this fee in the asking price. In addition to the 1% fee, there is a network fee.


  • The chances of getting scammed on this website are high so it is imperative that you are diligent in staying safe and educating oneself on how to trade Bitcoin with peers.
  • If you are just starting out with cryptocurrency exchanges you may want to try another website that is more user friendly towards newcomers.
  • If you are looking for a place that makes buying bitcoins online in bulk an easy process that is inexpensive, you will want to try another site as this one is not suitable for large purchases.

5. Changelly Review

The ability to track transactions is one of the highlighted features of this site. Many boast that the interface is clean, user-friendly, and offers some unique features such as low exchange fees, the ability to track transactions, and allows you to exchange Bitcoin into other allowable cryptocurrency.


  • Advertises themselves as being fair from the standpoint that other crypto trading services will charge a commission as well as a fee to withdrawal. Changelly will only charge 0.5% for crypto to crypto exchange.
  • Offers quick transactions.
  • Changelly is trusted by thousands of crypto traders.


  • While Changelly does offer the ability to buy cryptocurrency with a debit or credit card, the fees to do so are very high at up to 40%. It is recommended to use another site for this service.
  • Not all transactions take place in real time which means that you could buy btc online for one price but then actually receive a lesser amount because of the exchange time.

6. BitPanda Review

BitPanda, formerly known as Coinimal, is well known as the best place for buying and selling Bitcoins and Ethereum in Europe. With the option to purchase 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, accessing Bitcoins for sale has never been easier. This service offers 10 payment options including Skrill, Neteller, Sepa, Amazon, and Visa or Mastercard.


  • Offers a free Bitcoin wallet.
  • When buying btc the transaction is often fast which makes this site one of the best ways to buy bitcoins.
  • Promises great online customer support.


  • Many website will display the fees as a separate cost. At BitPanda, the fee is included in the price that you pay.
  • Some do not like that you have to submit your identification before making a purchase as this decreases one’s privacy.

7. Coinhouse Review

This company makes the exchange of Bitcoin easy as it makes the payment process simple. To simplify the process for you, Coinhouse will purchase Kraken crypto and sell it to you. This is particularly helpful as Kraken trading can be confusing and they do not accept debit or credit cards. After validating your account by holding up government identification of who you are and submitting it for approval, you will be able to purchase btc with Coinhouse.


  • A solid, trustworthy, Bitcoin broker that responds to emails and provides great customer service.
  • Great for buyers living in Europe who are looking for the best way to buy Bitcoin.
  • Best way to buy Bitcoin with credit card in Europe.


  • High fees which isn’t bad if you are buying in small quantities however if you plan to purchase in bulk, you will want to use another Bitcoin dealer.
  • There is a monthly limit to how much you can purchase.

8. Kraken Review

Kraken is a well known Bitcoin website that charges low fees and is used by professionals all over the world. Boasting unparalleled security features, strong relationships with banks, and the ability to make quick transactions, Kraken is a favorite place for millions to buy Bitcoin online. Easily rated one of the top 10 trading platforms in the business, you can feel confident in doing business with Kraken.


  • A well trusted and respected way to buy Bitcoin worldwide.
  • Founded in 2011 and has been successful at staying reputable in a competitive market.
  • To use the service, you must sign in with a previously created two-factor authentication which means that you are making trades or exchanges in a security manner.


  • New users may find this website challenging because of the kraken margin trading, lack of payment options, and high fees on small transactions.
  • The fee structure can be complicated to understand as there coversion, slippage, withdrawal, and deposit fees associated with trading Bitcoin with Kraken.

9. Bitstamp Review

Like Kraken, Bitstamp has been in the game since 2011 and is still one of the best btc exchange places on the internet. You can rest assured that your money is safe when making a transaction with Bitstamp as over 98% of digital funds are stored in offline locations. Bitstamp makes digital currency exchanges fast and secure no matter how much you purchase.


  • Bitstamp is consistently ranked high on many top cryptocurrency lists as they do not scam users with hidden fees.
  • Because of the ability to purchase with credit cards, Bitstamp is among the easiest ways to buy bitcoins.
  • First nationally licensed Bitcoin exchanger.


  • Altcoin exchange and margin trading services are not offered.
  • Inconsistent transaction time. Users state that transactions appear within minutes the first couple of times and then may take up to 5 days for transactions after that. Customer service is responsive within an hour and the problem does not persist on future crypto exchanges.

10. HitBTC Review

One of the newer cryptocurrency exchange sites, HitBTC came on the scene in 2015 and is based out of London. While they may be new, their volume has consistently been on the rise since their conception. Offering great security with two factor authentication and varying trading fees based on timing of transaction execution, HitBTC is becoming a favorite among those interested in uk btc exchange.


  • Easy to use platform that welcomes new users to the world of cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Professional traders can enjoy high liquidity and low fees.
  • Daily backups of software and and can be accessed by computer or mobile device.


  • Some have reported on various forums that this platform is not the safest way to buy Bitcoin.
  • Inconsistent reviews on various websites about the quality of service and response from customer service team.

11. 247exchange Review

Providing a easy to understand user interface and transparency of fees upfront is quite a perk with this service. In addition, the ability to purchase Bitcoins with your credit card is possible after going through a verification process. While this Bitcoin currency exchange service is good, the verification process and the requirement of using English only on documents does not make this service one of the best Bitcoin exchanges out there. The main reason for this is that it can be challenging to use and may take time to get verified.


  • Easy to use interface that can be accessed from your computer or mobile device.
  • Part of the verification process requires a phone number which you can manage easily from your smartphone with a text message.
  • Good customer service with a promising future as they are committed to improving their Bitcoin site to make it more user friendly and responsive with the verification process.


  • If you do not speak English, you may have trouble with some of the verification documents.
  • Credit card verification process can take up to 2 days.
  • Communication about verification process could be improved.

12. POLONIEX Review

The Poloniex exchange is US based and offers great security by monitoring programs that are on all day, every day. Simply, Google search Poloniex review and you will find a plethora of information about the service and how it is trustworthy for both new users and professionals alike. This cryptocurrency trading platform has become so popular that it is overloaded with users which is making customer service responses quite slow.


  • Offers good liquidity.
  • Offers Altcoin exchanges.
  • Founded in 2014 and located in San Francisco, California this Altcoins exchange is focused on servicing the US market but can service those around the world as well.


  • Many users rave about the platform however because it has become popular so fast, more customer service staff is needed so that responses to requests and questions can occur in a more timely manner.
  • Does not offer Fiat trading.

13. BitBay Review

Bitbay is a Bitcoin exchange service located in Poland but does offer global trading opportunities. While this service is not the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin, the fees are lower than other competitors. Just be sure to exchange rate compare with several sites so that you can make the most informed decision at the time of purchase.


  • Bitbay offers an easy to use interface with many great features so you will be making bitcoin exchanges in no time.
  • This Bitcoin marketplace allows you to set the price that you are willing to pay and how many cryptos you want to purchase.
  • Bitbay allows you to make a transaction instantly that will give you the current market price. If you are unable to make the purchases on your own, you can have a bot trade for you.


  • If you are located in Poland or other countries in Europe, this coin exchanger is a great choice. However, if you are located in other parts of the world, it is better to use a Bitcoin service that is more local.
  • Some users have reported that the site is not consistently stable which can be a cause for concern.
  • If you are a user located in Poland, you have the ability to get a Bitbay debit card that is backed by Mastercard. However if you are located in any other part of the world, you do not have this privilege.

14. Bittrex Review

Based in the United States, this crypto coin market is well known for Bittrex margin trading. Litecoin, NEO and OmiseGo are all able to be traded into Bitcoin with this exchange coinbase. Offering confidentiality trading and trustworth practices as they follow USA financial law. Bittrex holds a New York Bitlicense and are therefore well known as Bittrex New York.


  • Some users have called this cryptocurrency exchange to be the “TD Ameritrade” of cryptocurrency brokers.
  • A good resource to use when wanting to trade btc into other cryptocurrency.
  • Easy to use platform and lightning speed transaction times.


  • Fees for withdrawal are high.
  • Verification time takes longer than other currency trading platforms.
  • Customer service could react faster.

15. Bitfinex Review

Based out of Hong Kong, this cryptocurrency exchange site is very popular among those who want to trade cryptocurrency in US dollars. Since 2014, Bitfinex has consistently been listed among the top list of cryptocurrency performers in 2017. Because of their trustworthy practices, transparent policies, and ease of use, Bitfinex is a major player in the world of cryptocurrency markets.


  • Great tools available at your fingertips, literally by downloading the app onto your smartphone.
  • Offers margin funding and margin trading.
  • Provides one of the largest platforms that offers electronic currency exchanging


  • There is only one way to make a deposit and that is through SWIFT with a bank transfer.
  • Customer service may take time to respond to concerns or questions.
  • Withdrawals can take longer than a day to process.

16. CoinCorner Review

Created in 2014, CoinCorner makes buying Bitcoin an easy endeavor as you can buy or sell from your mobile app. In addition, there is a generous affiliate program that offers up to 25% commission as well as daily Bitcoin payments. Finally, CoinCorner is managed by peers that work hard to keep the software platform open-source so that anyone can buy.


  • Can be on the more expensive side of exchanging coin.
  • Highly responsive support team. Not only do they respond to inquiries but they are active in responding to posts on various forums as well.
  • User friendly interface for those who are just starting out with btc exchanges


  • Account verification is required which can slow down the process.
  • Be sure to check forums as helpful information is listed there such as which internet browsers are not working or other problems that are persisting.
  • Setup help videos are not very helpful. You are better off setting it up on your own by figuring things out instead of watching a video that was unable to keep attention.

17. XMLGold Review

Offering a simple exchange process that can be used by those both new to buying cryptocurrency and the experienced. Based out of Seychelles, this website is considered one of the best cryptocurrency platforms in the game as it can be accessed and used all over the world. Quick service and the option to pay using paypal makes this service a good one to try.


  • Offers bank account or paypal exchanges.
  • Long track record of success as it was established in 2006 to help companies convert currency into other currencies.
  • Great accessibility to the website no matter what time of day.


  • Could improve customer service response time.
  • Fees can be high.
  • Most feedback online states that the service is fast, however there are some complaints of slow transaction times and lack of customer service response.

18. Review

A leader among cryptocurrency exchangers, this platform is a trusted money exchanger and debit card provider. Most often used by those traveling from one country to another, this website allows you to exchange cryptocurrency with ease.


  • Support offered via chat or or ticket system.
  • If you are researching how to buy cryptocurrency, this website is great for beginners as the customer service is reliable and helpful.
  • Allows for the exchange of Bitcoin to Paypal.


  • Does not work with Skrill.
  • Some report a delay of 24 hours for an exchange to process.
  • Very little negative information or customer feedback was found online in forums

19. LakeBTC Review

Lake BTC or Lake Banking Technology Company is based out of Shanghai and serves as the most popular of Bitcoin exchanges among the Asian population. While the website boasts that it offers great security, the site does not require verification before one can begin to trade and exchange.


  • No trading limits for unverified accounts.
  • Competitive fees.
  • Accepts a variety of Fiat currencies.


  • Website needs to be improved to be more user friendly.
  • Needs to offer more trading options other than btc trading for Fiat currency.

20. Review

This website caters to those who are interested in English, Russian, and Chinese trading exchanges. It is easy and quick to sign up for an account and if you have the Google authenticator installed, the verification process is just as simple. Note that the only FIAT currency that is accepted is US Dollars.


  • Easy to use for both beginners and professionals who trade coins online.
  • Offers secure two-factor authentication.
  • The website is user friendly and easy to manage.


  • This site is not considered to be the best Bitcoin exchange because the time for a withdrawal to process is substantial.
  • There are a number of forums that have many complaints about the customer service and the transaction time.

21. Coincheck Review

Based out of Japan, this coinbase exchange caters to mostly the Japanese but is available in English and accepts USD. With its user-friendly interface and mobile app, many are choosing to use this easy way to buy Bitcoin as a top option.


  • Up to date user information on the Coincheck blog. On August 23, 2017 a statement was released stating that due to increased frequency on the trade site, the fees have increased.
  • Offers a mobile app and a user-friendly website that makes trading easy.
  • Ability to purchase Bitcoins and Ether currency with credit cards or international wire transfers.


  • It us unknown if anyone from the USA is being verified at this time.
  • The time varies for transactions.

22. GDAX Review

Owned by Coinbase, Inc. out of San Francisco, CA, this website was born in May 2016 with the goal of appealing to those interested in Bitcoin and additional currencies. This website is open to worldwide trading and focuses on appealing to the global market.


  • The GDAX exchange has a straightforward verification process that is well publicized.
  • Open to international trading.
  • Reasonable fees.


  • While there is currently not a GDAX app available for mobile devices, the website is still responsive.
  • Lacks privacy due to the detailed verification process.

23. Buy Some Bitcoins Review

If you are looking for a place to buy Bitcoin now without verification, this is a great site for you as it allows you to purchase with a debit card or gift card without proof of identity.


  • Allows users to buy Bitcoin using Paypal, credit/debit cards, or gift cards.
  • Does not require verification.
  • Offers good customer service support.


  • Lack of verification could mean that the website is not secure or trustworthy.
  • Inconsistent reviews found online.

24. UNOCOIN Review

Known as India’s most popular way to buy cheap Bitcoins, this website allows for purchases to be made with Indian Rupees. In addition, this website offers a low 1% fee for transactions of buying and selling Bitcoin. The more you trade, the cheaper the fees.


  • After trading on this site for 60 days, you could be eligible for a decrease in fees.
  • Fast transaction time.
  • Ability to earn free Bitcoins.


  • Verification time can be long.
  • Primarily marketed towards those who live in India.

25. Coinfloor Review

If you want to buy Bitcoins UK, this website is a good option for you as it caters to that market. Traders can enjoy low trading fees and the first transfer takes up to 4 days compared to others that take longer. If you are based in the UK and are comparing trading sites, Coinfloor should be on your list to try.


  • Great place to buy Bitcoin UK as the GBP is strong.
  • Easy to use website.
  • Offers management meetup events in London.


  • Verification process is long and cumbersome.
  • Not the best place to trade in USD or EURO as the liquidity is not good.

26. Coinsbank Review

This platform was formerly known as BIT-X and has changed names and offers exchange, wallet, and payment services. While it has been redesigned and offers a variety of digital exchanges, the plethora of negative opinions online can skew the customer a great deal.


  • Accepts many currencies.
  • Offers great functionality and several services in one place.
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Consistently has negative reviews in various forums.
  • Withdrawal process can take weeks to complete.
  • High fees.

27. Bitso Review

This Mexican currency exchange platform was created in 2014 and has been successful at Bitcoin and Ethereum exchanges for Mexican Pesos. Withdrawals can be made with Ripple. What makes this website so attractive is its easy user-friendly interface and great security.


  • Offers wallets with multi-signature features to access funds for better security.
  • Great opportunity for the Mexican population to have access to digital currency trading.


  • Mandatory withdrawal fees. The reason for this is the growth of Bitcoins trading.
  • Only available to the Mexican region with Mexican Pesos.

28. Luno Review

Description / Summary
This UK-based coin marketplace was formerly known as BitX and now offers both wallet and exchange services to a variety of countries around the world. Known to be fast, reliable, and affordable, many are putting this on their list of Bitcoin exchanges to try. Offering a trustworthy website as well as a decent mobile app, Luno is set to grow with the expansion of cryptocurrency trading sites.


  • Transfer funds for free with a bank transfer. However, there may be fees based on your location.
  • Offers a Bitcoin wallet in beta within Canada, India, and Europe.
  • Accessible for mobile users as there is an app.


  • Solely a Bitcoin platform.
  • No legal licenses known to date.
  • Transaction charges are based on your location as well as how you are paying. For example, credit card fees are 1.5% whereas bank transfers are free.

29. Bisq Review

Bisq offers users decentralized cryptocurrency exchange services and P2P exchange trading opportunities. You could be up and trading in less than 10 minutes by downloading the easy to use mobile app and setting up an account. Note that this service is currently in Beta and can be downloaded for free by anyone.


  • Offers peer-to-peer trading and is not censored.
  • Does not require verification or an account setup.
  • Will not hold funds.


  • May not be as secure as other digital currencies exchange options available.
  • This service is still in Beta.
  • While offered as a downloadable app, it works best on a desktop.

30. Gatecoin Review

This cryptocurrency exchange platform is regulated and prides itself on being secure, reliable, and successful with low-cost exchanges. Easily buy Bitcoin via paypal or credit card. Based in Hong Kong, this platform was formed in 2013 and is considered to be a regulated money service operator that is highly trusted.


  • Known to be very secure.
  • Offers low-latency trading tools.
  • Easy to use and can be accessed via smartphone or tablet.


  • Money transfer fees vary based on type.
  • 3 levels of verification which can be cumbersome.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

In the simplest of terms, cryptocurrency websites that offer a platform where you can buy, sell, or exchange cryptocurrencies for international currency such as US Dollars or Euros as well as digital currency is considered an exchange. Another great way to think of an exchange is like a bank. There are a variety of different types of cryptocurrency banks online that can assist you in trading with peers or serving as a place where you can buy or sell Bitcoins or Ether cryptocurrency in a single cryptocoin marketplace. Depending on which of the cryptocurrency exchanges you choose to use, you may find different fee structures or verification procedures. Those with high consumer satisfaction and positive reviews tend to have higher cryptocurrency rates than other websites but there can be a variety of factors as to why this is. Security, reliability, timely customer care response, quick transaction times, and fair pricing are all factors that could play a role in fee structures. The top cryptocurrency marketplaces often require a stringent verification process that may require a passport, ID, and other information to become eligible and confirmed for trading Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. If you would rather not submit all of your personal information to begin trading crypto, there are currency trading sites that do not require it. However, these currency platforms tend to lack in positive customer satisfaction and are typically not at the top of the cryptocurrency 2017 marketplace list. It is wise to do your research on various cryptocurrency websites before making a decision as to which one you will use on a regular basis.

To learn more about cryptocurrency exchanges and how to use them, check out this video that will provide the information you need to get started.

What different types of exchanges are there?

There are three cryptocurrency exchange types and they are trading platforms, direct trading, and brokers.

  • Direct trading platforms provide a marketplace for buyers and sellers to exchange international currency at an exchange rate determined by the seller.
  • Crypto trading platforms allow buyers and sellers to trade from each other and they charge a fee per transaction.
  • Brokers provide global access to currency at a price they determine. Each has their own set of rules and a list of digital currencies in which they accept, sell, or exchange.

The main difference between the exchanges is that some require you to make a deposit into an account whereas others will allow you to make a transaction instantly without making a deposit first. It is important to keep in mind that if you make a deposit you have more to risk than if you use a service like Changelly or Bisq that allows you to make a transaction without a deposit.

What important things should you think about before choosing an exchange?

Before making a decision that will impact your financial portfolio, it is important to do diligent research on the type of trading you will do and determine the platform that will work best for your goals. Be sure to look for the following information before making a decision:

  • Verification process. Bitcoin UK and Bitcoin USA exchanges both require ID verification to make deposits or withdrawals. While verification can take upwards of a few days for processing, websites that have this requirement are typically more secure and are protected from scams and dishonest money laundering.
  • Modes of payment accepted. How you buy digital currency will vary based on website and modes that they accept. Remember that credit card transactions, while quick, will typically require a level of ID verification and are more susceptible to fraud whereas bank transfers can take up to several days.
  • Speed. If you want to make sure that your transaction happens instantly, you will likely want to use your credit card. If you do not mind how long the exchange takes, using a bank transfer may be a better option and cost less in fees.
  • Reputation. Read comparison reviews and research forums for feedback and user experience testimonies for each platform you are considering. The information you find online can be enlightening and may save you from a negative experience.
  • Fees. It is typical for websites to charge a fee for the service that they offer. Be sure to look for transaction, deposit, and withdrawal information before submitting your information on a site. Like exchange rates, fees will vary greatly.
  • Privacy. Check the verification requirements. If you are not comfortable with submitting your passport and ID for proof of identity, you will want to look for a site that does not have such a requirement.
  • Limitations. Be sure to read the fine print as there are often limits on how much you can withdrawal in a transaction. Some websites also restrict new users to limits.
  • Exchange rate. Look around at sites for buying and selling as exchange rates and transaction fees can vary by up to 10%. Shopping around can save you a substantial amount of money.
  • Locations. It is common for exchanges to be limited to certain geographical locations. Before joining a site, make sure that you have determined if the currency trading exchange offers the features and payment options you are interested in as well as availability in your area.

What risks do you need to be careful with exchanges?

The first thing to learn about coin trade is to never, no matter what, store your coins on an exchange. No matter how secure the exchange claims to be, if you do not own the private key code that allows you to access the coins on the site, you are not truly the owner. While secure coin wallets can cost money, they are worth it to secure your investment.

Another risk to be aware of is that digital currency is considered to be worth as much as the typical bill or coin way of exchanging currency. In addition, it is also valuable like silver and gold. This means that based on the market, the value of your cryptocoin prices can vary based on the fluctuation in the market. Think of your coins as if they were a corporation on the stock market. Based on the results of the day trading cryptocurrency your coins’ value can go up or down.

Remember that cryptocoins are encrypted with coding as a security measure. While this is good, whoever owns the coding is truly the owner of the cryptocurrency. This is risky as whoever has the code is the owner of the currency which means that if the code happens to disappear, the cryptocurrency is thus gone as well.

Finally, it is critical to remember that no matter how valuable your cryptocurrency is at the moment, it can become obsolete at any time which could leave you out of the money you had invested.

What is the safest exchange?

While there is a large list of cryptocurrency exchanges to choose from, all of them vary based on levels of security, reliability, and trustworthiness. When trading coin online, you do so at your own risk and there is very little to protect you and your investment. Therefore, it is critical to do research and find what you perceive to be the safest exchange to use.

Based on the extensive research we have done on your behalf, we find that Coinbase is among the consistently highest rated on trading platform reviews. Coinbase is available in 33 countries, all of the European Union, and in most states within the USA. In addition, Coinbase strives to be legal and require your passport and driver’s license for verification. You have to submit a webcam photo, credit card for backup payment, and sometimes a temporary password to your bank account. The stringent measures to become a verified user demonstrates Coinbases’ priority to being legal and secure.

What are the best Bitcoin exchanges?

The best Bitcoin exchanges are subjective based on the user and their needs. For example, Coinbase has a great reputation and charges low fees, however, it is not available for global trade and their customer service support team takes time to respond. However, CoinMama is another great one on many Bitcoin exchange reviews as they accept credit cards, offer an easy to use interface, and promise quick transactions. BitPanda is another good one but their prices may appear to be high. This is because their fees are hidden in the exchange rate. This platform is also available in the European Union.

Most reliable btc trading sites charge btc fees for their service. It is challenging to say what one website is the best place to buy and sell Bitcoin but the more research you do the more you will learn what will be best for you, your needs, and your financial goals.

How to buy Bitcoin from an exchange?

There are several ways to buy btc online but the best, most reliable and quickest way to do so is by credit or debit card. When you first start to buy btc, there will likely be limits to how much you can purchase. When you establish yourself as a trustworthy investor, your limits will increase. While it sounds easy, there are credit and debit card fees that can add up over time. The reason for these fees is because of the increased risk in fraud and processing fees. If you want to avoid credit card fees and buy Bitcoin with USD, the best way to do so is with a connected bank account through Coinbase.

The bottom line, when you buy Bitcoins cheap, is to check for the exchange rates, speed of transaction, limit amounts, accepted payment methods, fees, regulatory compliance, and privacy. The smartest consumers invest in a Bitcoin wallet that will keep your Bitcoin safe and accessible.

If you’re still unsure about buying Bitcoin we recommend that you check out youtube for videos about how to buy Bitcoins in the US and worldwide.